Dropping the Ball and Chain: the Premature End to PiYo

The other morning, DH and I were standing on our respective mats during the warmup for PiYo’s Sweat, when he turned to me and said: “I really don’t feel like it today.” Truth be told, neither did I. And later, as I pondered my lack of enthusiasm that particular week, it occurred to me that I simply didn’t feel like it, period. Not since the last phase of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution have I looked forward to a workout less than with PiYo. Now, it could be it’s simply not the right time at the moment. It could be that doing two programs simultaneously is not my cup of tea (it isn’t). It could be that I’m just tired. Or it could be this is not the workout for me.

Secretly, I’m hoping that after a hiatus until January, when I traditionally crave less fast-paced workouts, PiYo and I will hit it off. If we don’t, I’ll be disappointed on several levels. When Chalene Johnson announced she was coming out with something new, I was genuinely excited. I think she’s a wonderful instructor (even though, as DH points out, she very clearly caters to women, no matter how many token dudes show up in her videos), and I know from Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme that her routines are quite effective. PiYo, though, has mainly bored me so far.

My main beef with Pilates has always been that it feels like a really lame version of yoga. Which is why I’ve done a lot of yoga in the past, but not gone back to Pilates after trying two DVDs and a live class. Snooze fest. PiYo is very much more like Pilates than yoga, unfortunately. Although it does make me sweat, it doesn’t give me an aerobic workout at all, and for someone who’s reasonably flexible, I’ve not felt challenged in that department during the three weeks I nearly completed, either. I’ve addressed some other issues I have with the program in my previous posts, and I stand by them. I do promise to keep you up to date on what happens next time around. Meanwhile, I’ll just complete Les Mills Combat and move on to Shaun T’s Focus T25.


One thought on “Dropping the Ball and Chain: the Premature End to PiYo

  1. It could definitely be that it’s just not the time for you to do that workout. Certainly not every workout is for everybody….and I know you know that đŸ™‚

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