BeachBody’s PiYo – a Preliminary Look

I’ve done yoga, and I’ve done Pilates. I also own ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboJam and TurboFire. To say that I’m a fan of Chalene Johnson’s would be a fair assessment. She is a skilled, tough teacher with innovative workout routines and a friendly, not overly bubbly, personality. So purchasing a reasonably priced new DVD set by her (the reasonably priced bit becoming a rare occurrence with BeachBody) wasn’t really a question. That said, I am currently doing Les Mills Combat and won’t be starting PiYo for a few weeks yet. Hence, the preliminary look.

Once again, the packaging has been redone. All three DVDs now come in a fairly flimsy, but graphically exuberant box the size of a regular DVD case. Also in the flimsy box you’ll find the ever-included measuring tape, some advertising I already threw away, a nutrition guide that’s half advertising and which does not contain any recipes at all, the workout schedule in form of a fold-out poster, and a Get Started guide. If I sound underwhelmed, it’s because I am. I’m already a BeachBody customer, so please stop inundating me with advertising for your gazillion other products in every single brochure! It’s nearly as annoying as the extended Shakeology commercials running BEFORE Shaun T’s newest workouts!

That said, from what I have previewed of the actual workouts, they look both challenging and interesting. Chalene comes across as very chatty, but that might be because she’s trying to instruct over music with a lot of singing. A bit irritating but the music is good, at least. It’s only her and three other participants in the videos, and the person modifying is working out at an angle so you can clearly see what she’s doing.

As someone pointed out online, there is also a typo in the workout descriptions: the Upper Body DVD is said to be 35 minutes long. In reality, it’s only 19 minutes. I’m not sure if anyone has developed any of the ever-popular hybrid plans for PiYo yet; check on the BeachBody website.

And there you have it. I will write more once I start the program.


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