To Be Honest

I’m getting very bored and tired with this whole blog thing. If I want to talk to myself, I can do that much faster when I don’t need to write it down. I frequently get the feeling that people see me as some sort of entertainer or information peddler. It’s quite the same on Facebook. Post something of interest, and it gets a “Like” click, at best. Post how you’re running out of toilet paper, post a selfie of you picking your nose, or plaster redundant photographs of interchangeable landscapes all over your timeline, and the comment tails get so long, it takes hours to plod through them. This shit I write MEANS something to me. Certain people who chastised me in the past for not posting more frequently, are apparently a lot less interested than they proclaimed. I’m quite literally sick of feeling like some sun-fried, shipwrecked idiot muttering to himself. A break is in order, I think. Not that anyone is going to notice…


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