Poetic License

Renewed. Here’s the latest from the Bad Poets’ Society (and yes, these are my originals, so if you for some bizarre reason end up sharing, please give credit).


When what you’re going to do tomorrow occupies
So much of your today
That you forget all your yesterdays

That’s Gratitude for You

My heart is so tired, my love
Ever since you left, people have been drowning me with sympathy
I can barely keep my head above water
Please, love, don’t be angry if I just give up and follow you

Besides that, yes, I’m still on meds, yes, I’m still exercising, and yes, it’s still pretty spring outside. DH is currently enjoying fest season in Germany, so I’m here not sleeping and getting cranky about being stuck at the ass end of the world all by myself. Fortunately, all the critters are doing well, so it’s probably just having to readjust to Rufus wanting to get up an hour earlier now. He might want to, but I certainly don’t! If anyone can be bothered, leave me a comment sometime so I can feel as if I’m still part of the human race.


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