The News (Which Ain’t Much)

It’s a postcard snowfall. You know the kind: medium-sized flurries driven across the bare backyard by a cold wind,while the blue and red specks in the naked bushes can only mean that the birds have decided to give it a rest and simply watch. They’ve had a good breakfast, the birds. We do try to please everybody.

PeeWee guinea pig is feeling tops today, so I’m holding off taking her back to the vet, though we’ll likely have to drive over soon anyway. The cat’s still scratching, and that’s not good.

A superficial glance across the living room will reveal that my furry males have decided to settle down, finally. The dogs are stretched out on their beds while the up-and-coming author (let’s call him Papi) is doing his homework on the couch: reading about the details of writing. Upon closer inspection, however, you will find that the rabbits have chosen this exact hour of the morning to explore the possibility of denuding more of the wall near the bar. Alternatively, they will likely chew on the cardboard boxes left up there for them, all the while plotting how to best get into the bedroom, where of course they are not allowed.

As for me, I’m feeling pensive today and glad that my to-do list is mercifully short. There’ll be a workout later this afternoon, as on most days. I’m pleased to imagine that it is doing me some good, although I find that assumption somewhat difficult to verify. Most likely, I will take some time to continue working on the surprise I’m making for my sister. That, in turn, has given me an idea for something for my mum. Ideas are good, as long as you remember them. I frequently need to remind myself to write things down these days. Too much going on in the old noggin.

Last night I started a new cycle of poetry, titled “Seven Lifetimes”. So far, I have a rough draft on how I want to set it up and the beginning of two of the poems. I recently learned that Sylvia Plath frequently wrote with a thesaurus at her side. Perhaps I will give that method a try. I rather like the notion of fine tuning wording.

And that, for those of you who actually read the blog to keep up with the Joneses, is all the news I have for today. Do feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you have been. Snowy greetings from Deerfield Manor!


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