A Light Shining Through

It’s February 2nd, 2014, and David is dead. It is actually the fifteenth February 2nd on which David is dead: a sad, angry, hollow anniversary. Originally, I had planned to write something special for the occasion, something poignant, moving, sensitive. I wanted to climb out onto that proverbial limb, turn my soul inside out and really plumb the depth of loss. It would have been my best piece yet. But there was no way, in my mind, to pull this feat off without sounding like a poser, a dead-rock star groupie. In the end, it is beyond me. Which fairly describes this whole inexplicably complicated, messy desire to write anything at all in the first place. David is, in so many ways, just beyond.

But where there is loss, there is legacy; certainly that holds true in David’s case. For me, he has been an inspiration on more levels than I realised existed, and thus, even in the black hole, that “gaping lack of him” (to clumsily paraphrase from one of his well-loved songs), there is a tiny sparkling light to be found that we should do everything we can to encourage and spread.

So, instead of teary-eyed grief, let me share today some slightly cheeky remembrance, originally dedicated to another flame extinguished too soon but equally applicable (even if the timing is off):

Are you still gone?
Let’s see…
No, there you are -oh!-
on the shelf, well…
Ten years have passed
And we’re still going strong
You’re still dead
And I’m still not
What have you left me?

Words, both sound and print
Pictures, both colour and grayscale
Memories, both real and imagined
I’ve learnt more about you
You have not disappointed me

Instead, you’ve made me
Smile at your name
Look forward to seeing you
Write my thoughts to you
And on occasion made me cry

All that is what you’ve left me
Quite a legacy, for ten years
And we’re still going strong
We’re still…


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