Lamentations, Part II

A week or so ago, I shared with you the first in a series of three poems that became my “Lamentations”. If you enjoy the Bad Poets’ Society, read on, otherwise, you might want to wait for my next post. This poem has no dedication, and I’m quite certain that it wasn’t inspired by any particular event. It’s a bit depressing to think that I do my best work when I’m in a funk, but it is in fact extraordinarily difficult to express happiness and exultation without falling into the trap of using sappy descriptive clichés. At least when I return to these scribbles, the emotion behind them still rings true.


Perhaps we should have said goodbye first

Then worked our way backwards from there

Right now would be so much less painful

I could’ve stopped sighing a long time ago

My eyes wouldn’t get so damn blurry

Instead I could look forward to seeing you

And not constantly be reminded

That today in your place is emptiness

The only thing filling the hollow is my grief

For having lost what I couldn’t have had


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