Fields of the Nephilim

I have to confess something today: I loathe January. Really, I do. After all the magical buildup to the holidays, it’s inevitably a horrid let-down. Add to that spicy details like today’s weather (grey, dry, very cold), and you have a recipe for depression disaster. Seriously, though, if I wanted to live in perpetual darkness, I would change my name to Thortensen Finlandson and move to Scandinavia for the winter months… what does that have to do with fictional fallen angels or giants? Biblically speaking, not a dang thing. Musically speaking, however, the band of the same name has often given me the doldrums as much as this awful month has. And since anything is better when it’s shared, here you go:Fields of the Nephilim, Moonchild

I dare you to tell me what your recipe against the blues is…


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