A Note from Vyv’s Guardian Angel

Call me… Ishmael. She hates that book, I know, but that’s what makes it funny, don’t you think? I know she doesn’t really believe in me anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can afford to slack off on the job. This morning, for example. Madame gently cruises onto the highway, equally gently accelerates, and before you know it, we’re in an action movie! A couple of times, I had to stretch myself out pretty fast to keep from hitting the median, but I did it AND got us safely onto the shoulder, I might add. Not that I want to toot my own trumpet or anything, but I am friggin’ AWESOME at this! Madame may have been a bit nervous while spinning around like a carousel, but once we stopped, her heartrate wasn’t even up. Good girl. She may claim she doesn’t believe in me, but she sure trusts me. Ha!

I gotta tell you, though, I was a bit disappointed. Even the highway, the BIG highway, the high and mighty interstate 69, was in a shambles! We just stuck to the right lane like gum to classroom furniture and got around safely. Others were clearly not so lucky. Hopefully, my colleagues had had their allotment of coffee before they took their drivers on the road. At least 469 had been appropriately salted by the time we returned. Madame shopped so much that, she claims, she won’t have to do it again until next week. I hope she’s right. It’s still snowing…

Time for me to curl up on the couch with Madame and enjoy the snowflake spectacular. You nice people be safe, stay warm and remember that we’re always on duty – even if you don’t believe it.

Love, Ishmael


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