Come Together

Hoosiers are a hospitable lot. No doubt about it. If you smell a ‘but’ coming here, you are of course correct. BUT… they seem utterly incapable of making appointments in an orderly fashion. Or follow through on something previously agreed upon. Perhaps that’s my German orderliness speaking here, but it does get a bit irritating. Like this morning. Loewe’s was supposed to call when they were on the way to deliver our floor parts. I knew they were about to show when I heard the truck back up in my driveway. Also, our floor guy was supposed to call to let us know when he’s planning on being here tomorrow. It’s going on five, and nothing. I just hope we’re dressed when the doorbell rings!

Be that as it may, it’s nice to see that things are moving again.


“When I grow up, I’m going to be a laminate floor!”

Pile of Tile

And how about this lovely pile of tile?

In the upper picture you can see a fine example of our current carpeting. I’m looking forward to next week, when things ought to look rather different! Riley, meanwhile, takes advantage of the fact that she can still get into the kitchen by catching a nap on the warm stove.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Now, I know some of you are curious what the place looks like on the inside. I hate to present an unfinished job, but here you go. Pardon the mess. It’ll get a bit worse before it gets a lot better.

Dining Room

That’s a view to the dining room from the kitchen.

Garden Room

Adjacent is the garden room where we have breakfast and watch the birds in the morning.

Living room

And our living room. You may have noticed that we have beautiful big windows all around. They are casement windows, which means that you crank open the pane with a little handcrank. The glass bit is on the outside, the screen or storm window -dependent on the season- is on the inside. The drawback to that is that every outer surface is reflective. We’ve had three birds accidentally kill themselves by crashing into the windows in the past few weeks. To prevent that in future, we’ve ordered bird strips from the American Bird Conservancy. They are clear so you can still see through but just opaque enough to indicate to the birds that there is in fact an object in the way. To my astonishment, they’ve already shipped. I hope they’ll help. Have you had a similar problem? What did you do about it? Let’s hear from you!


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