When the Postman Rings Twice

We’ve barely skated into an unseasonably warm and humid October, and here I am talking about Christmas already. Yes folks, consider this an early warning system because I am at it again! Last year, I unveiled the Christmas Card Project (CCP), which is a no-strings-attached reciprocal idea for those of us who enjoy receiving real mail once in a while (for you youngsters: we’re talking snail mail here). “Snail” being the operative word because I hope for lots of participation which does require a little planning on my end. Here’s how it works: you send me your address. Please don’t leave it in the comments, I’d hate for you to have to expose yourselves unnecessarily! If you are not connected to me on Facebook and don’t already have my email addy, you can email me at vyvienn@gmail.com. I will then compile a list, add you to it and send you a Christmas card. Easy peasy! Caveat, though: if you do send me your address, I’ll return you mine, and yes, I’ll be just a touch cranky if I don’t get a card from you. After all, this is all about the joy of a raised flag on the mailbox, to employ an American image here.

Don’t celebrate Christmas?  No worries, you can still participate. I’ll let you in on a secret: I do, but I’m not a Christian. Paradoxical? Sure, but not if you know me. 😉 Just let me know you’d prefer to get a secular mailing instead. I’m not someone who condems “Season’s Greetings” as a sentiment.

Can you invite your friends to this shindig? Of course! The more, the merrier! As long as they understand how this is supposed to work.

A final note: you, my darling friends and relatives from back home in good ol’ Germany don’t need to do anything. There’s no way for you to escape the card, sorry. So get those ink bottle refilled and print yourselves some cardstock, because I WILL be extra cranky if I get nothing from you. 😛


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