Notes from Hoosierville

I said on Facebook this morning that you can tell autumn has arrived by the fact that the leaves are turning – and falling- and hordes of birds are invading the backyard. DH has ordered a brand new camera with tele lens just for all the crazy nature shots. Speaking of nature, I’ve noticed something else: when it rains back home, there are loads of earthworms and slugs all over, but here, not a one. Kind of makes me wonder.

The settling in continues. Last night, we tried the local pizza joint, and the pie was rather edible. Taco pizza may sound odd to some, but it’s a bit of speciality around here: instead of tomato sauce, there are refried beans on the bottom, then usually some ground beef, shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream, or a variation thereof. Pretty tasty stuff, that.

We also just got a date for our floorwork; they’ll begin with the tiling on the 18th.

And some linguistic oddities for the lovers of the verbal arts amongst you: on the right you’ll see what the Hoosier says, on the left what that means to the rest of us. Read and repeat 😉

Rooff (short ‘oo’) = roof

roott = root

dinner = lunch

supper = dinner

pop = soda, carbonated beverage

crick = creek

Oh, and they put salt on their watermelon… 


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