Only in America

I have to admit, some stereotypes are simply true. For one, we do have to drive pretty much everywhere. There just isn’t all that much to our little town (mental note: take some pictures of stuff that IS in our little town): two general stores, one of which also functions as a pizza place, an antique shop, a church and of course our tiny post office. If you ever find yourself driving in this direction, make sure you don’t blink after you get to the bridge, otherwise you’ll be sure to miss it!

So we go elsewhere for most activities. The cinema, for example, or shopping or eating out. Jefferson Pointe – yes, with that pretentious little “e” at the end- is a lovely shopping centre which reminds me very much of similar places in California. It’s all terracotta and shingled roofs and fountains and lots of benches. All this tranquility comes at a price, however:



If you follow all these rules, you get rewarded with one of the biggest small icecreams on the planet. If the amount looks teensy, that only tells you about the size of the waffle cone! Being European, I don’t really find this a good substitute for an Italian gelato, though, because most of the time, all I want is a single, simple scoop, not a portion big enough to stand in for dinner. And at nearly five bucks for the smallest serving, as compared to a euro for a scoop, this isn’t something I’ll indulge in often. Image

Because everybody drives here, everything has a drive-through option. Not just diners, but also pharmacies, banks, and probably some places I can’t even fathom right now. To accommodate this, parking lots are huge, and you might easily go an entire driver’s life without ever having to attempt parallel parking.

In case you wonder about the icecream: mine was Minty Chocolate Chocolate something, DH had a peanut butter chocolate something. All this available from Cold Stone. 🙂




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