Intermission 1

Meanwhile, back at the pad… I am very excited to bring you the following news: we have selected, purchased and signed the contract for our new flooring, which should be in by the end of October! The kitchen and master bath will have some lovely tiling done, most of the rest of the house will get a gorgeous laminate laid. And the bill was exactly what DH had expected, so that worked out great. While hanging about at Lowe’s, we started looking at doors, as well, as our back door is in sorry shape indeed. So you see, things are progressing.

We’ve also ventured into supporting local businesses. Our previous tenants run an antique/general store (can’t seem to get away from that unbeatable combo) in an even smaller town near here, where amongst other goodies, they sell a fair trade coffee that is roasted locally. It’s actually a nice, robust blend that gets me going in the morning, so I’d mark that as a good decision.

If you know about our passion for pancakes, you can guess that we need maple syrup. Lo and behold, one of our neighbours makes his own! You can purchase it in various sizes at the sugar shack.





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