The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Friday, the 20th of September. To some, an inconspicuous end to a work week. To us, the expected salvation from a week’s worth of dirty laundry, until…

the lovely people from Sears delivered our washer and dryer this morning. While hooking everything up, it turns out the plumbing in the house ain’t quite what it’s supposed to be: parts are corroded, falling out of the wall, making a general mess, and now we’re cut off from our smelly well water until the plumber gets here. Lovely. Apparently, water softener needs to be applied to said smelly well water regularly to avoid exactly this problem. So, that’s kind of bad. But also good. At least the washer and dryer are here. And the plumber will be here shortly. So… yay with reservations.

Also currently here: the nice man from Lowe’s who’s measuring our floors. We’re replacing all carpeting with laminate (photos of the carpet next time). While you think about that, here are some pics of the current wallpaper (but not ALL the wallpaper, I don’t want you to go blind prematurely!):

the hallway and bar area


my room and future guestroom


the man cave


And this is where the image uploader gives up the ghost, so more on what’s going on in the backyard in another post…

The truly ugly bit came as a nasty surprise when DH opened our mailed packages. If you ever worried about movers destroying your stuff, stop right now and take a good, hard look at the post office instead (we suspect the APO). One of our three boxes is missing entirely. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t contain expensive special care food for the guinea pigs. One box was repacked by someone after having been left in water – not only was every single towel contained therein drenched, we also inherited items from someone else’s package. I hope that kid’s not looking for his basketball, t-shirt or zit cream. The third package wasn’t only damaged, it was basically destroyed. I’ve never seen Tupperware look like that before. Thanks, you apes. In fact, actual apes would have done a better job!


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