Breakfast in America

We’ve arrived. Today, it’s been one week exactly since we completed the most horrible travel day of my life – and by the way, United, you BLOW!- and stepped into our new house for the first time. All furry critters made the trip in one piece and are doing fine, thanks for asking. Now let me take you for a small tour of the pad, though I don’t really have any pics yet. My reasons for that will be partly revealed below.


It’s huge. Truly. Our front entrance faces east, the picture windows west, so we get plenty of sun all day. The master bedroom and my future palace are located on the south side, along with the master bath (again, huge! Jacuzzi!!) and a full guest bath which I’ve recently had the pleasure of decorating. Right next to the entrance is the future man cave. From here, step into the parlour, if you please, or draw up a stool and have a sip at the wine bar. Or continue in a northerly direction to find the future exercise room, dining room, wintergarden, kitchen, yet another hallway/laundry area, and finally, the last bedroom which the pack of rodents gets to dominate as it wishes. Repeat after me: space is good.

As always, space can be made better. For one, there is wallpaper literally everywhere. The house was only built 13 years ago, and I don’t understand this odd need to make it look like a daggone Hallmark movie house on the inside! The wallpaper project will, however, be postponed until the new year, because first, the carpeting has got to go. We’re looking at hardwood or laminate – I kind of like the new snap-and-glue hardwood because it doesn’t require putting subflooring in, but even that costs twice what laminate would cost, and there is some nice stuff out there. Finally, and I apologise profusely in advance, I HATE the well water. On the best of days, it’s got a metallic smell to it, on the worst it smells like the devil’s arsehole. I remember not liking it up at my in-laws’ place at the lake, and I don’t like it here. Nothing I can do but get used to it, I suppose, but it’s gonna be a while. Sorry. Again.

Now let’s step outside… yes, the deck is red. And yes, it’s in sad shape. We’re considering having it torn down and replacing it with a stone patio. Apart from looking better, it would also make maintenance a lot easier.

Please disregard the weeds. Hard to do? Well, the garden hasn’t been tended in a couple of months, you know. But we’ve got plans. Sadly, they’ll all start with a lot of weeding (obviously). Ouch. But just give it a while and check back in, let’s say, May or June. Chances are, you’ll be surprised. Right now, let’s head over to the pond…


Now, that sign’s been here as long as the pond, I reckon, but so far, I haven’t sighted any fins yet. DH wasn’t deterred:


The pups were a bit more skeptical (until today, when a deer showed up, splashed around in the pond, peed in it, then hopped off back into the field. The dogs were entertained for hours!).

Life will become a bit more normal on Friday when some new appliances and a riding lawn mower will arrive. With nearly 5 acres of land, most of which is grass, it’s just a bit much to tackle otherwise. Meanwhile, we remain surrounded by boxes. Not my favourite way of living but not everything will be unpacked until the floors are done. I was shocked to see how dirty the place is! Since the house had been rented until July, I’d hoped it would basically be ready to move in, but the walls, where they aren’t covered in ridiculous wallpaper, are dirty, full of nails and/or nail holes, there are crumbs and dirt in every cabinet, and in the bottom of the oven, there is ash! Gross, gross, gross…


Is a pain in the arse. Let’s not beat around the bush. We’ve been shopping every single day with the exception of two of the three days that DH was gone to pick up the Jeep. It sucks. What I do enjoy is going out for breakfast. Because there are options here, people! And I’m happy to see that a lot of restaurants now also offer smaller portions or modified breakfast options with fresh fruit, reduced sugar content, etc. The same goes for dinner places. It’s a step in the right direction.

Ok, I’m pooped. This is the longest I’ve written continuously in a while, and I’m having trouble staying focused. More updates will follow soon, promise!





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