Cliffe Notes

p>Seriously, I’ve had a visitor from Perth who came here to read my last Cliffe entry… you know, take the Fremantle line to Grant St station and walk up the hill, you can actually get more up-to-date info than I have here. Hmmmm…

For you non-travellers, I did go visit this lovely old house whilst in Perth (shockingly NOT the worst place I’ve ever been, au contraire!), and though I was too chicken to attempt sneaking in, I can say this: the roof and chimneys look ok, the greenhouse is in a deplorable state and all but falling apart, and for some bizarre reason, the price has gone up by nearly half a million dollars. Lotto winnings remain outstanding, and as I’ve hung up my lottoschein, I doubt very much that we’ll hear much positive news from this direction anymore.

I do have some photos, albeit not very good ones, so you can get an idea for yourselves. Don’t forget to cry into your schnupftüchleins as you contemplate the most likely fate of this historical treasure.






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