Vyv Does Oz: Driftwood

Yesterday, I ran out of steam. It’s not like I’m exhausting myself with activity, no, no. I’ve gotten used to the caterwauling birds in the morning, although it’s still slightly bizarre that I can hear them but not see them. Invisible banshees in the trees. I’ve enjoyed getting out and about, conversing with people (at least that stereotype about Australians holds true in Perth, they’re a friendly bunch), learning new things I didn’t know before, and occasionally making an idiot of myself, which is required by anyone travelling abroad and attempting to bridge breaches. I was on a roll.

Yesterday, I slid right off like butter off a hot bun. Instead of doing the touristy bit, I did the surly lonesome warrior bit and hid myself in plain sight: first on my home beach in Swanbourne, then Cottesloe (where I wandered from a dune to a bench to a rock to a bench, and it’s not the biggest beach in the world), then – after an inexplicable fit of energy- in Freo. And there I stayed, until the arrival of my dinner companion released me from stasis.

Perhaps I’m just tired. Perhaps it takes too long for the sun to come out (check back in a couple of hours, right now, there’s not much to be seen). Perhaps I’m getting too old to do this on my own. And perhaps, if I scratch the pretty patina off my achy bad poet heart, it’s something else entirely. This funky feeling didn’t start here, but it’s managed to cling on through various timezones and plenty of fresh air, like a cheap tattoo. I did my best to avoid shlepping too many pre-conceived ideas to this place, but perhaps I was hoping for a cure for the blues. There might be something wrong with me, after all.

Or, perhaps, I’m just not eating enough. Well, I’ll be damned if I let this bullshit tarpit keep sucking me down! This too shall pass. If you would kindly refrain from making snippy comments in the meantime (not that that is going to be challenging, seeing how many comments are left here normally). You’ll just have to suffer through more beach therapy and associated pictures.
Swanbourne Beach


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