Piss Me Off, Buttercup

You know, I’m not a shopaholic, but I sure do love online purchases. And amazon has always been good to me, whether it’s the German or the US site. Until now. I’m miffed. Majorly!

Spotify recently pointed me to an excellent concert recording of Leonard Cohen featuring Tom Waits. It appears in the FM Radio series and is only available as download. Well, you say, then for goodness’ sake, download already! You used to be a computer guru! Except that amazon.de insists that I’m outside of Germany. *Looking around… snow…. Schwabs…* I’m definitely in Germany. Stand on my head and waggle my toes, the music is unattainable. So, I’ll be pissed off until a well-meaning friend or relative decides to ease my anxiety and just get it for me (naturally, it is also not giftable. Figures)…


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