Vyv Does Oz: Getting There

When one plans a journey, and especially a long one, it’s worth considering a few factors up front. Like, how am I going to finance this shindig? So, above all else, I’ve had to – gasp!- go back to work. After nearly three majorly blissful years of domestic employment, that wasn’t exactly a tempting option. Nor was it very easy to find a place where I could get hired quickly, which surprised me a little. In the end, I’m back where sixteen years ago I swore to never go again: retail.

Not to put too fine a point on it: the first month sucked. Major. My hours were irregular and a lot more than I’d expected (considering the position is billed as temporary part-time), and on days where I had to be there for a complete eight-hour day, I seriously ended up wanting to hurt someone by my shift’s end. Luckily, I now have a fairly steady 30-hour week, although the shifts are still irregular; at least the killing urge has been reduced considerably…

Meanwhile, I’m also saving up any Christmas and birthday cash that might be coming my way, and I’m selling my MacDaddy. Anything to finance two weeks in the only Australian capital city ever to be dubbed “Dullsville” by its own inhabitants.

The fallout of this decision to go back to work hasn’t been received entirely positively, either. My significant other sometimes wishes I could be home more (which helped tremendously with the obvious chores of taking care of the zoo and the flat, as well as provided some actual time together). Our friends seem slightly put out by the fact that several established seasonal events will not happen this year because I have such an erratic schedule that I can never plan more than a week ahead. And I’m finding it difficult to do outings with the girls for exactly the same reason.

Then again, the countdown is definitely on. In twelve days, by the end of October, the lovely, lovely holiday in the land of surfer babes and handsome blokes with funny accents will be a mere five months away.  And there is much more to be done… stay tuned for more vacation planning updates!


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