What We’ve Lost By Staying Connected

I’ll admit, I’m a glutton for convenience (note the clever wordplay, haha). Hence, I’ve been a huge fan of e-cards, email, instant messaging, Skype, Facebook and all those other little services that keep me connected instantly with my friends and family. Sadly, there’s no such thing as free internet (uhum, not so clever wordplay), and all that typing and immediateness comes with a price. Over the years, my handwriting has deteriorated to the point where I can barely legibly finish a regular greeting card, which I enjoy sending for Christmas. Back in the day before email, I was a voracious writer, often sending up to six letters a week. We took notes by hand in school, too, and my neat handwriting was a point of pride for me. Now, although I’m not a doctor, I could convincingly play one on tv.

Therefore, I have decided on a little retraining project for myself. Beginning after the new scanner/printer is set up for use, I will write one page by hand every day for 30 days. I’ll upload it to the blog so you can see how it’s going, and for those of you who are really motivated to help me out, you can send me either your address or leave a comment below, and I will send a special handwritten message just for you (postcard or upload). Nifty, ey?

So let’s get out those notebooks and pens!


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