If This Was Your Last Year

…what would you do? Hollywood would have us believe that knowing that your time is coming to an end, you’d turn altruistic. You would seek out your enemies to forgive them, make plans with people you haven’t seen in a long time, spread cheer and joy, thereby ensuring you’ll elicit a maximum of tears and regret in those you’ll leave behind. Me, I’m not going quite that far. Perhaps because I’m only moving on, and not in the metaphysical sense. However, right now, looking down the long, wet stretch of young year yet ahead, I feel a certain mellowness creeping in. A Facebook friend has started a thread of “paying it forward”, which I intend to participate in. The likelihood of follow-through is actually quite good, since it doesn’t really require me to go out of my way to do something for people I don’t know (and if you know me, you know that I can’t stand most other people, so no surprise there). Rather, I get to see if any daring soul comments on my status. The first five who do will be the recipients of a homemade item, to be delivered before the end of the year. I have a few ideas already. But of course, there is a hook: if you sign up to receive, you must in turn offer this artistic creation of goods to others. Therefore, the scientifically interesting question behind this event is really: how lazy are my Facebook friends?

For my turn, I promise to spread cheer and joy with my little presents. You’re not required to cry when I leave.


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