We All Need Reasons to Celebrate

Considering the disappointment the past holiday season was, it’s easy to guess that I’m a bit down in spirit. Luckily, today is an excellent day to remedy that a bit. First of all, my SCC is celebrating his 41st birthday today, providing proof once again that 1971 was a fine year, indeed. His latest movie, MI:4, is doing well, though it’s forcing me to rescind a statement I recently made about Renner flicks. He neither undresses nor dies in this one, leaving the semi-nudeness to Tom Cruise and the dying to the bad guys. Would be tough to appear in a sequel, otherwise… so, happy birthday, Jeremy Renner!

Secondly, my very dear friend M. is also taking the opportunity of a small get-together to toast her recent birthday, which we slyly turned into a Sisi-Dinner. Thus, with good friends, good eats and the warm glow of candlelight in the house, one can very easily forget about the nasty mudfest that dares call itself winter.

If that’s not enough, BFF and I have recently been working on some warm weather dreams after falling in love with The Cliffe, Peppermint Grove, W.A. Should the lotto gods smile upon us before some bonehead tears that wonderful old house down, I’m prepared to make my first major overseas property purchase!

Meanwhile, I’m getting used to the new laptop while the tendrils of Dave McComb’s music curl around me, keeping me on the couch when really I ought to get scrubbed up and ready. There’s a table to set and a cake to finish and a party to prepare for… if it just wasn’t so damn hard to get up!


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