The Talented Mr. Renner – a Worry Blog

A few weeks ago, I was having fun with my unknown visitor from Modesto, CA (claim to fame, according to the fabulous coffeetable book ‘Over California’: a well-known vineyard stores its wine there in giant steel vats) because of the grammatically challenging questions ‘what he up to’, regarding Jeremy Renner. While his secretary to this day has completely ignored my requests for a copy of his schedule – secretaries simply don’t understand how cutthroat the bloggerverse can be!-, it’s getting easier to puzzle together from a vast number of press releases. Let me tell you, it ain’t looking pretty!

Now while, admittedly, Mr Renner having six upcoming projects in the queue is bound to do a lot for us star-starved fans, I am a little worried about the implications. Let’s roll this up backwards… the latest news seems to be that JR has founded his own production company in order to make (and star in) a biopic about Steve McQueen. To be quite honest, this is the only film of the upcoming bunch where I see potential for another Oscar nod, should he and his team be able to pull this off successfully. All we can hope for from the rest of the selection – Avengers, Mission: Impossible, the Bourne franchise, Ice Age and the truly horrid sounding Hansel and Gretel- are endless sequels with the very real possibility of us getting star-stuffed in the process. I don’t even need to mention that sequels rarely ever get better with time or the advancing age of their stars. But the man just hit 40, so there’s still some room to advance.

With a crazy filming schedule like that, though, I also ask myself if ours truly isn’t heading for burnout. One blogger hopefully declares that action icon Steve McQueen knew only one gear in his life, too: full speed ahead. Then again, by the time he got to 50, McQueen had cancer and died shortly thereafter. So much for screeching brakes. So, does JR know something we don’t? Is he working like a madman to establish a legacy? To prepare for retirement from acting? To make up for lost time? Is he planning to attend all future events with his mom? While that’s kind of sweet for a while, I truly, truly wonder about a guy who isn’t even considering giving himself time for a personal life.

I don’t know about you guys, of course, but I do reserve the right to express some trepidation here. Meanwhile, though, there really is nothing we can do besides hope for the best and enjoy the ride.


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