The Clean Green Experiment: Oven, the First

One of the nastiest cleaners, IMHO, is oven cleaner. It is a stinky, foaming cocktail of chemicals that still requires scrubbing, no matter how diligently you follow the label. On top of that, it produces unnecessary trash. On the other hand, my oven has been looking, well, kind of baked, if you know what I mean. So today seemed like a good day to try a homemade cleaning solution.

What I used: equal parts hot water and baking soda, in this case, 4 tablespoons of each. I applied it to the inside of my oven and the door and let it sit for about five minutes while I took care of something else. Then I used a soft scrub to work the insides of the appliance, wiping clean with a moist sponge.

The result: it’s not perfect, but pretty close! All but the hardiest black marks have disappeared. This definitely compares well to the commercial cleaners I’ve tried in the past, for a fraction of the cost.

What’s next: this cleaner does not get rid of the burned smell, and I want to see if I can get the rest of the ick out, so when I get in the oven cleaning mood again, I will try the solution for hardy stains. This involves salt and lemon juice, which should also bring a more pleasant smell to the kitchen.


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