Living a Girl’s Adventure Tale

Let’s start with the good news first: attempting to do a headstand yesterday, I managed to not break my neck. There, I thought you’d be happy! 😀

Now, on to the adventure part… my grandmother has, not exactly unexpectedly, decided to abandon our travel plans which leaves me to go to Estonia on my own in June. One might say, I don’t really HAVE to, since the flight’s not even booked, but one would not know yours truly if one actually expected me to pass this up! Me, in a foreign country where neither the first nor second language is English, with exotic foods to be tasted and new territory to be explored… you see how this has to end. Of COURSE I’m going!

The fun thing is that this trip follows closely on the heels of our annual visit in Hamburg. That’s what summer is all about!

And speaking of faraway cities in the northern areas of Germany: although Mr Renner’s secretary has so far still not gotten around to sending his itinerary (excuse me, while I unstick my tongue from my cheek!), I do know where he most likely was on April 3 – and possibly still is today! Yes, he’s been filming that weird sounding Hansel and Gretel movie in Braunschweig, Germany. I feel obligated to point out two things: 1. Braunschweig is nowhere near here, and 2. it is, indeed, rather in the middle of nowhere. If you look at a German map and find a large area of nothing but tiny country roads and green patches, that’s where it is. They probably don’t have network out there, or somebody in his hometown should’ve known where he was… ok, enough insane speculation.

Aaaaaand speaking of insanity, it is about time for my workout… see you lovely people later!


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