Kickass Girl, Interrupted

Back in the 90s, I had two great exercise loves: my step and Kathy Smith. Despite being challenged in the coordination department, which is not a good thing when learning choreography on a box, step aerobics quickly moved up to my number one favorite way to get sweaty ever. And Kathy, well, she taught me a lot about exercising, and being the innovator she is (or was), kept providing me with new and interesting ways to get the perspiration on. One of those ways was an intro to the boxing craze when she collaborated with Michael Olajide, Jr. on Aerobox. Nearly at the same time, I had the idea of improving my coordination with Tai Chi. Neither lasted very long, but led to the discovery of Canadian trainer Ginette Deslauriers and her two excellent kickboxing videos. Ginette had a way of breaking down the moves, then getting even klutzes like me to put them back together and get a great, challenging workout in the process. Sadly and oddly, neither tape is now available on DVD, and I’m not sure where in the bug-infested storage area my video box is. So for the time being, both the stepping and kickboxing had faded away, the tools for both patiently waiting for the day when once again I have a living room which allows for lateral movement.

But then, just last week, a vastly reduced copy of SHAPE magazine’s Get Lean in 4 Weeks DVD fell into my shopping basket. It features a whole body toning routine, an ab section, and two cardio sessions, one of which happens to be kickboxing! Today, I just couldn’t restrain myself anymore; I had to try it. And what can I say? I had a blast! Undoubtedly, I have some catching up to do in the coordination area (sorry, Jillian Michaels, but your combos are not complicated -which is a GOOD thing!), but it was the funnest sweat fest I have attended in a while. Thank you, SHAPE, for sending me Yumi Lee who is very much appreciated as an instructor!

Having done this and the Bootcamp this morning leaves the afternoon free for Zuzana and yoga. Yup, I’m feeling fab!

Unfortunately, Rufi isn’t feeling as fab; his paw has been bugging him a lot today. We have an appointment with the vet in the morning and will keep our outings short until then. Somehow, I have a feeling we’re going to need that booty! Of course, you can see where it would be extremely important to give all the care in the world to a dog’s feet if said dog only has three of them in the first place.

Right now, everyone’s snoozing, so I’ll take the opportunity and get me in the shower… anyone have a movie recommendation for tonight?


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