Show Me the Money!

I’ve been robbed, robbed, I tell ya! After four fluky games of lotto, I have to read in the newspaper today that one (in numbers: 1! Uno!) person in Stuttgart (aaargh!!!) won my hard-played-for jackpot of -hold your breath, read on, THEN cry- 24 million euros! Where is this bastard, that’s what I want to know!!!!

Naturally, a day that began with a downpour of biblical proportions could only continue in an in-your-face kind of way. I’m getting a little perturbed, because it feels humid in here, but every time I crack a door or window, within 30 seconds the clouds have rolled in and the wind gusts through the house. I suppose that’s better than some places in the States where it’s still snowing. Snow in April? Really, no thanks!

And speaking of places in the States, today’s very special greetings go my visitor from sunny Modesto, CA, who arrived here after googling (and I quote): Jeremy Renner what he up to 3 April, 2011. Unfortunately, he’s not telling me, so I don’t know what he up to. Considering he’s got about four movies in the pipeline, my guess would be working. Wait, let me check under my desk… nope, not there. I’ll stick with work, then. 😉

In completely unrelated news, the commissary has been stocking its shelves with all sorts of good stuff, except my newly beloved unflavored almond milk. For a brief moment I considered trying the equally unflavored rice milk, but then I noticed the calories. One hundred and twenty (in numbers: 120!)! Dude, at that rate, I can drink regular milk. Which I am. No choice. Good thing I like milk.

Please stop by again tomorrow to offer your condolences on the results of today’s workout, which is aptly and somewhat scarily named “300 Rep Workout“. I can’t wait! 🙂


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