Scheduling Conflicts

Some of my gnattish readers have stopped by in the past months, probably desperately longing to find out what I’ve been up to all this time. Of course, it would’ve been too much effort to simply leave a coherent comment, but I’ll tell you buzzards, anyway. Such is my caffeine-induced generosity this morning.

In actuality, I have not only not had any inclination to post anything, I’ve really not had much time. You’d think that after a rip-roaring New Year’s party, we’d have let things slow down for a bit, but that is not so. The first social event was a reading with Russian author Vladimir Kaminer, who was billed as reading from his newest book, “My Ukrainian Mother-in-Law”, which he did not do. Instead, he read us from a stack of short stories, which was both pretty damned funny and enlightening. Typically Kaminer. During the break, he diligently signed books and CDs, and we got out of there with a new piece of cultural education, the compilation CD “Ukraina do Amerika”. Now picture two blondes in a tiny red Fiat, windows rolled down, blasting Ukrainian music next to a black Mercedes occupied by a bunch of young Turks blaring rap music. The evening was a total success!

One reading seldom comes alone, as we say, and just recently, we mastered this year’s Crime Week with several readings in unusual locations, such as the State Criminal Justice Department and a S&M Club, which I sadly missed because I was living it up in spring-like London. More vacations are in the acute planning phase, such as Hamburg in June and Tallinn shortly thereafter. I have also successfully celebrated a round birthday; none dared to stay away, as hell truly holds no fury like a 40-year-old’s scorn. 😉 Oh, and I’ve unexpectedly come into money; alas, not enough to retire to a castle in the mountains or buy the town of Monterey. Instead, I am now the proud co-owner of a house somewhere else, nowhere near the Golden State.

That’s as caught up as you need to be. If you want to know what else I’ve been up to, stop by for a session at and try it on for yourself.

Today’s special greetings go to London. I have no idea who you are, but it’s neat that you’ve stopped by.


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