Happy New Year, Baby

I gotta tell ya, it felt good not to write much at all during the holidays. DAMNED good! I was so busy trying to conjure up that magical Christmas feeling that I barely made it out of the kitchen. Well, no, that’s a lie. Fact is, I just didn’t feel up to the task of digital entertaining. And fact is also, for some reason, the magical feeling didn’t quite get there.

The Germans (at least those of us living in a Catholic state) had one last holiday on the 6th, Three Kings. Now it’s off with the tinsel, dump those trees, rip off the ribbons and stomp down whatever miserable bits of snow have been left by this ridiculous January weather. Today it’s raining and a balmy 40 degrees outside. Hello, darling drab routine, we’re back!

And so off we spin into this two-dimensional new year which has all its possibilities yet to unfold, all its highs and lows well hidden in its gray cloak. January is traditionally my month of gloom, between the festivities of the old year and the carneval of the new, which comes late this year, anyway. I’ve picked up my cross-stitching in an effort to defy my left-handedness when it comes to needlework. The snowman motif I picked shows a successful three rows of tiny black crosses so far. At this speed, I should finish before I retire. I think that’s good news. 😉

I’m back on the Wii and feeling pretty darn good about it, too. With two new programs added, this promises endless variety and lots of hard work. Of course, there’s that birthday anxiously awaiting my arrival in March, and I want to make it proud of me when we meet up, so I’m stepping and lifting and lunging my way to never before attained foxiness. I can only hope my guests won’t pass out at the sight of my splendor.

I’m now tenderly nursing a new obsession: because ALL my favorite tv shows went on holiday hiatus and we now have VPN, I’m finally watching “Bones“. It took me about a quarter of the first season to really get into it, because I’ve read a number of Kathy Reich’s books and find it rather irritating that she basically uses the same main character for the show, only with altered circumstances. I mean, Dr. Brennan isn’t even the same person as in the book (I think)! But ok, artists are odd people, and why not lump authors into the same category. Now, I love the show, and how could I not. It’s really just CSI with a different spin and more locations I’ve actually been to. *ggg*

And, of course, the lovely, talented Jeremy Renner celebrated his 40th birthday on the 7th, so to him a very happy belated birthday, and to the rest of you: welcome to wondrous 2011!


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