Lindsey the Lion

First, two public service announcements: to “spell taco”, perhaps one should consult a dictionary (if you can spell that) rather than Google, especially if you end up here, when I’m not an especially prolific writer on Tex-Mex food. Secondly, my dear reader in Munich, it is pointless to show up here at least twenty-two times if you’re not going to read anything. I very much doubt my posts will become any more interesting to you in the future.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… CSI: New York has begun its new season. Melina Kanakaredes apparently decided during the off-season that she had much, much better things to do than boring regular employment, causing her character, Stella, to disappear from the show in a sudden, unspectacular manner. Although her absence does get explained in a letter to Lindsey, Kanakaredes couldn’t even be bothered to at least lend a voice-over to the scene. That’s too bad. But at least we get Sela Ward as a sassy former FBI agent with a wicked sense of humor, so that after 45 minutes we are left asking “Stella who?”

When CSI: NY decided to start that whole Danny/Lindsey thing, it got me upset enough a few times to take to the keyboard. Happily, Lindsey ending up pregnant did not ruin the show, but rather led to a surprising and touching addition by forming the Monroe/Messer family unit. Whereas on-again, off-again lovers, they were about as believable as Santa rolling down the block in a panzer, as a committed couple, they are great! Of course, the episode “The 34th Floor” has a few loose ends to tie up from last season. We remember that Shane Casey appeared to leap to his death from a lighthouse after taking Danny hostage, but then there he was, in Danny and Lindsey’s appartment, this time grabbing their daughter. So while Danny tries to reason with him, Lindsey saves her family by fatally shooting Casey. Five months later, she receives a medal for her deed, leading her to relive some of those moments and forcing her to really begin dealing with what happened.

For the longest time, I felt that Lindsey was the weakest character of the show, but I am very glad that she’s certainly come into her own. As Mac says, she is a warrior. I hope she gets to have many more strong storylines along the way.


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