Reality Bites with a Marshmallow Center

To say I have a somewhat conflicted relationship with animals might not be entirely correct. But it would be close to the truth, I reckon. Closer yet, probably, would be to say that when it comes to consuming animals products, I haven’t quite pulled my head out of the sandtrap yet, like most people. After all, I share my household with twelve pets, all of them second-handers. I am an outspoken advocate for animal rights issues. I’ve seen what man does to his planet and the creatures that live on it, and I don’t like it. When I drive on the autobahn and pass an animal transport, it makes me sick. Yet, I relish my breakfast bacon and can absolutely be tempted by a juicy steak.

So, instead of going cold turkey, as it were, we have decided to slowly implement better food awareness in our house. As science and the Humane Society of the United States teach us, cheap food often comes at a high cost, both financial and healthwise. It takes a lot of tax money and drugs to make a cheap pound of hamburger meat. Mass-produced food also tastes a heck of a lot more sterile than its organic counterparts. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

While we schooling ourselves in recognizing better food options, I am very pleased to have found Sweet and Sara, where yummy vegan sweets are made. Though not one to snack on marshmallows, I do love them as a topping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate on those frequent freezing fall and winter evenings here in Germany. Problem is, marshmallows are something the Germans have only recently acquired from the Americans. They are still kind of a novelty item, and the only brands I would be able to get locally are the same ones I try to avoid at the commissary. Call me queer, but somehow I think that if I’m unwilling to feed “animal by-products” to my dogs, it’s ok to not want to consume them myself. Sara’s does offer online shopping to its US customers and actually ships its products abroad to fill the shelves in organic food stores, but at this moment, overseas shipping is not available for individual purchases. To find a complete listing of stores, please see their homepage.

If you’ve now gotten a taste for some better-for-you-and-the-animals eating, head on over to The Kind Life, the lovely, informative blog of actress Alicia Silverstone, who also provides the occasional tasty vegan recipe. Don’t look at it as an attempt to entice you to “the other side’, but rather consider it as an alternative option to things you already know.


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