I Was a 98 lb. Weakling

Well, ok, the last time I weight that little, I was probably still in school. Fellow Monkees fans have of course already identified this as a blatant title steal from an episode in which Mickey attempts to bulk up to impress an airheaded blonde. “Bulk up” and “blonde” could be the keywords that lead us directly to today’s actual topic…

On Monday, I went for my second “long run” and learned, again, a few things I wish I had known before. The most acute lesson was that running downhill for any period of time will, to quote Runner’s World, “shred your quads”. Yup. Ouch. Also, it is unwise to drink two cups of coffee and then run, because no matter how diligently you went to pee beforehand, you will at least feel as if you need to go again, and that sucks, being stuck in the middle of the forest with a huge distaste for the idea of ticks attaching themselves to your parts while you take a piddle break. Overall, I was a little disappointed with the results of the run, but the worst was yet to come. In the course of the day, I developed an odd weakness. Maybe you’ve had this feeling before, as if your muscles have all turned to jelly and you can barely do anything at all. Then I got dizzy tying my shoe. Figuring this may be one of those undefinable 24-hour bugs, I settled in on the couch and let it go. Then I woke up and still felt like crap.

At this point, I got slightly worried. Obviously, I am neither that out of shape nor do I have a tendency to overexert myself in a manner that would normally require several days of bedrest. I suspect two things: firstly, my calorie intake may be too low. That could explain why, after eating what I would usually call a very large amount of food on Tuesday, I ended up weighing less on Wednesday. Secondly, although I’m hardly a serious athlete, I almost certainly suffer from the female nutritional deficit number one, not enough iron gets processed in my body. I say processed because we do eat a pretty healthy diet at home. However, as I’ve learned since, you can do a lot to screw yourself out of actually absorbing any iron from your diet by doing a number of things we do: drinking coffee, eating large amounts of calcium in the same meal, drinking red wine, adding a lot of fiber, etc. Not to say that any of those things are bad, but apparently, you should keep your caffeine/calcium/alcohol/fiber separate. The conclusion: try to rethink the way we make meals at home, add more iron rich ingredients (I’m not really an avid pill popper) and (yet – see previous) take an iron + C supplement for a while. I suppose if I want to keep running and go back to weight lifting, I’m going to have to start learning more about nutrition and how things work together.

Let’s see how THAT goes, shall we…

Today’s special greetings go to all my visitors who have followed links from spam sites like the sex site and ended up here, disappointed that I won’t help you grow your penis or enhance her pleasure. This random link bullshit sucks.


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