Our Darkness

If I took a snapshot out of the window right now, showed it to someone and said, this is August!, they’d think I was nuts. Or lived in Wales, maybe. It is actually so dark -and today, wet as well- that I ended up sleeping the morning away on the couch. Ouch! Already going into hibernation mode…

If at least I could report that the temps are dropping to make running easier. Alas, today’s temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (feels like a muggy 30!). Luckily, I ran yesterday, thereby completing week one of the 5K training and allowing for a day off, in hopes that tomorrow will bring more breathable air.

In Renner news, the mag is in the magazine basket. JR doesn’t just get one cover, but two, and therefore, two spreads, as well. I’m pleased to note that I was correct; taken IN context, those quotes actually not only make sense, but also don’t make him look like a 40-year-old drunken loser. Would’ve surprised me, had it been otherwise.

And in the area of “extremely remote possibility”, I have been given information to apply for a… a… a… ok, I’ll just say it… a JOB! Yours truly is going to sharpen her pencil to explain in a flawless composition why she should teach government employees German in beautiful Monterey, California. Now, the announcement doesn’t close until the end of January (yes, 2011), so I’ll be here to entertain you with news from the homeland for a few more months, but if you can, wish me luck. This actually sounds like something I would not only be great at -of course! *coughcough*- but enjoy doing. 🙂

Today’s special greetings go to wild and wonderful Canada, whose citizens seem to have gotten lost on this blog more than usual.


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