The Invisibility Cloak

I know at least one desperate reader has been wondering where the heck I have been recently, so to assuage your fears I may have been eaten by a shark – I’m back. I’m even well and in good health. I was, however, on vacation. Yes, Anke and I spent four glorious days in sunny Hamburg. Nowadays, if you want summerlike weather in Germany in August, you have to go north, you know. If you care to see what we did up there, check out the pics on Flickr.

Last weekend, I visited my folks not quite that far up north and again, the sun beat down on me both unexpectedly and without mercy. Should’ve known to pack an emergency t-shirt and a belt. I’d like to claim that the belt was necessary to due my strenuous workouts finally paying off, but alas, I had merely packed my fat jeans by accident. Hanni lent me a bright orange belt, which thankfully, nobody saw under my sweater.

And how has that exercise thing been working out, you ask? Just fine, thanks! I’m starting to do much better on the Wii and have been able to really put some effort behind those dreadful squats and lunges. It actually surprised me to find out I’m halfway through the six week challenge! Yesterday, I started the Fitness 5K Prep training in addition to the Wii. It’s really too early to tell, but I’ll give you a first impression by Sunday, after week 1 is completed.

So, while I may still be working towards that enviably hot body, run, run to the newsstand and get your own copy of Men’s Health mag; internet rumor has it that ambiguously sexy Jeremy Renner is the featured cover model (I gotta get that issue just for the interview -ha! I promise!!- since I couldn’t make heads or tails out of those blurbs I read online. Just can’t believe he’d suddenly turn into some babbling idiot who doesn’t make any sense when he opens his mouth).

Now you’re caught up. 🙂 And you, my dear reader in California, can now rest assured that all’s well in the old country…


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