It’s the End of the World (as We Know It)

Yes, Virginia, this is a typical day in August in Germany these days: rain, rain, rain, and amazingly, loads of thunderstorms. What, it’s only July? Doesn’t bode well then, does it. After I paddle the dogs throught this water wonderland, I’ll have to make like a salmon and swim up the road to the store, or there won’t be any breakfast in the morning. Then again, one should develop a certain sense of humor to live around here, anyway, so let’s keep working on that.

Of course, by now I am easily amused, as my first workout with the new sports program has so incensed and tired me that I’m simply too drained (get it? DRAINED. Haha) to call the weatherman a dirt bag anymore. That new 60 Day Challenge requires something I do not have in abundance, namely a sense of balance. Guess that’s one goal to work towards. Annoyingly, they have not yet fixed the issue about the squats, and the program now includes a most irritating obstacle course – all the more irritating because I’m not sure why I keep getting clobbered into my cartoon head when I AM squatting when the fake trainer tells me to. Speaking of the fake trainer, her motivational cooing is a tad bit much, but since I still have to really concentrate on learning the new exercises, I just tune her out.

I do like the new warmup and cooldown stations, and the fact that you now get ab exercises. The program also seems to incorporate the Wii Balance Board in a sensible fashion, but we’ll test that tomorrow.

And speaking of dirt bags, while “Avengers” fans are excited about the official cast announcements from the weekend, more gossipy types claim that poor Jessica Simpson was treated poorly “during and after” her non-relationship with Jeremy Renner (“Oscar nominee”, as they love to point out). Sorry, but YAWN on all fronts.

Well then. If we’re all quite recovered… 🙂


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