Life is a Highway

Well, it’s really more a one-way street, but that’s not really the point. The point is, we keep traveling a little further every day (I’m ITCHING to digress here, the options are nearly endless! but I won’t). On this gloomy morning, I’m once again reminded of a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: A year passed: winter changed into spring, spring changed into summer, summer changed back into winter, and winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn This year, certainly, winter stretched far into what is normally spring, thereby completely displacing one season, after which it immediately got scorching hot for a few weeks, and now -just when the outdoor pools are readying themselves to deal with the masses of children and young people starting their summer vacation in a couple of days- the weather turns to total crap. This morning, it was already so dark, we should’ve carried a flashlight on our walk. But we didn’t. I’m defiant that way.

So we’re heading down a badly illuminated path into an opaque future, but things keep changing anyway, don’t they. Tomorrow marks the last day of my workout challenge, and overall, I am pleased to report that I am satisfied with the results. I’m even happier about the fact that I’ve found new inspiration in this exercise business; finally, my inner runner has decided that it might be time to challenge myself there, as well, thus laying the cornerstone for yet another little blog-assisted project. I think in this case the cool, wet weather actually helps, since I prefer to run in these temperatures. Nothing can stop me now! Well, until the first freeze, that is… 😉

For all of you who need a little pickmeup today (and I know I do), here’s Tom Cochrane with today’s title song. Safe travels!


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