Silence is Golden

Phew, it seems to be over for now, the onslaught of VW information seekers… seriously, that random link thing WordPress has going is just about the most worthless feature I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Not that I relish my low visitor numbers, but I do have a problem with artificially inflated stats.

That being said, let me just mention how grumbly I am at the moment. I’m convinced my bathroom scales hate me. Here I am, nearly finished with the 30 Day Challenge, getting all sorts of toned and awesome, and yet, inexplicably, I am now stuck at the next number. It is admittedly lower than my previous nemesis, but still. STUCK! Moi!!! Well, the cavalry is on its way: that lovely media island in the sky is sending me the add-on pack to the EA Sports Personal Trainer, which includes -gulp!- a 60 Day Challenge. Yes, darlings, read and weep, yours truly is committing to another program. *gg* And because I absolutely refuse to curb my enthusiasm (and seem to have discovered my inner masochist), I’m planning on testing and hopefully finishing the six-week running plan outlined in the current issue of Fitness magazine. The idea is to get ready for a 5K, which is cool. It’s not that I dislike a little competition, I just truly, truly loathe organized sporting events. You can thank P.E. for that. I hated every minute of it for the entire 14 years I was stuck in the school system. When is this wondrous event going to begin? In about three weeks, after the four day vacation in Hamburg. Realistically, I will never run while there, so there’s no point in starting up earlier. There, there, now settle down, little schweinhund…

Just in case some of you are wondering what is going on with the Welsh, the answer is, nothing. Not a darn thing. Currently, I am seriously lacking motivation, seeing how there’s no trip on the horizon and the forum has developed in exactly the direction I figured it would eventually go: the UK residents are banding together, and the rest of us are left to wonder why we bother. Sometimes, breaks are a good thing, so I’m willing to ride this out.

And what’s new with all of you? Haha. Rhetorical question…


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