One Dumb Idea Deserves Another

This morning, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my blog statistics. Visitor numbers had skyrocketed over night! Amazingly, not a single spam comment was on the cloudfree horizon. Immediately noticeable was, however, that none of these people were anything more than gnats (you know my theory about that one). So how did these little buzzers find me? The answer is as simple as it is annoying, and it lies in two stupid ideas that have sadly met in the middle of blogvana.

First, some considerable time ago, I briefly wasted a lot of time playing Vampire Wars on Facebook. I’ve since grown bored with it and now waste a lot of time farming instead. Yet, I mentioned VW in two or three posts, and Google seems satisfied that this warrants lot of exposure in search results. Secondly, if you have a publicly hosted WordPress blog, individual posts have a widget on the bottom to display random links from other blogs that may or may not have to do with the topic at hand. Quite possibly, people have been writing about the blasted Twilight series, featuring -of course- the undead, and now gnats flock to my one post with the word Vampire in the title. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. And, by the way, they’re not real. Plus, I don’t care. So get thee away before I bring out the virtual fly swatter and smash you into a grey pulp.

I guess we can safely file this under “once bitten, twice shy”…


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