Identifying Problems, 1

On a personal level, I am getting a little frustrated. I am making an effort to eat better, drink more and exercise regularly, but still the weight won’t budge. I particularly don’t understand why I FEEL better but nothing seems to show. Especially irritating: I seem to be stuck with a permanent bloat. You women know what I mean.

So, back to the drawing board to examine when I’ve lost successfully and then apply the best strategy. Most recently, I lost a lot of weight on the heels of a major depression. Then again, I also didn’t sleep. Forget about exercise. I think it’s safe to say that this is not the option to go with. On the other hand, when I was on vacation in Sydney, I lost a spectacular 10 pounds simply by eating lots of fruit and fish and drinking water literally all day long. I also walked everywhere. This seems somewhat more applicable, even I’m loathe to cutting up my own fruit in advance. Yeah, I am that lazy. The hydration, though, is something to watch more closely. Although I’ve upped my fluid intake somewhat, I know I’m not really drinking enough water. Non-carbonated water. Which may very well play into the whole bloat issue. So, let’s work on that and see how it goes.

On an exercise level, I am rather pleased. I just completed the third day of the 30 Day Challenge and find that I’m doing much better on exercises I hate, such as sideways jumps and inline skating. No trophy today, but the motivation is still high. I have found that the new tension band seems to be a bit more stretched so that it’s easier to perform some of the exercises I had trouble with last time. Now, though, I had some chafing between my thumb and forefinger from the handles due to the combination exercises, such as the bicep curl and overhead press. 😦 Gotta make sure the handle lies flat in the palm before I start.

Despite all that, or perhaps because of all that, I now claim confidently that the original Wii Sports disk is crap. While the EA Sports program has no problems at all determining if I’m holding the controls correctly, in Wii Sports the ball (or whatever, mostly it’s a ball) doesn’t follow my trajectory at all. It’s endlessly frustrating to be hitting tennis balls in a straight line that end up bouncing all over the court. It sucks to do a bat swing nearly identically three times in a row and get three different results. Most crappy is that horrific left spin on the bowling ball, though. I’m no star bowler in real life, but this is ridiculous. Interestingly, the Wii Sports Resort that uses the Motion Control attachment never seems to have issues like that. It’s too bad, really, because I was hoping to use the Wii Sports for some variation on boxing every once in a while. But when my analog hand hits out in front of me and my cartoon me just looks like an idiot waving its gloves around, the fun ends quickly.

So, it’s a tosser. As in, into the garbage. Lesson learned.


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