Let’s Get Physical

Yesterday, I began the 30 Day Challenge on EA Sports: Personal Trainer. At first, I was a bit disappointed. The workouts are a meager 20 minutes long, which seems too short to me. Fortunately, the program allows you to choose easy, medium or hard intensity. I picked medium, and my fake trainer whisked me off. The first one wasn’t really much of a workout, but today, it got a bit more difficult. Supposedly, the program is designed to increase in intensity as you go along and get better. I hope it does.

Part of why suddenly I got such a markedly better workout was that I switched from the long, stretchy band included in the package to the new one I recently purchased. I had found out that keeping a giant rubberband in a wicker basket isn’t the smartest idea. It snagged. And since, I’ve feared that it’ll suddenly snap and whap me in the head. Talk about embarrassing! The sports store of my choice had a three-pack of bands designed to fit Cathe Friedrich’s workout (she’s one of the top trainers in the video market, although I’ve never personally worked out with her). The bands seemed sturdy and of approximately the same length as the one I replaced. Except… talk about no give! During the overhead shoulder press, I could barely straighten my elbows. Forget about standing with your feet that implied shoulder width apart! We’ll see if that gets better as the thing wears down a little. Otherwise, I may have to invest in yet another giant rubberband…

Incidentally, I also reached my calorie goal today, so I got a virtual pat on the back from the virtual Bob Greene. Tomorrow’s a rest day, but I may go back and pull out the ol’ sports day, anyway, having finally figured out how to do the volleyball bit.

And you, dear readers, what have you done lately to keep in shape?

Today’s special Grüsse go to my city love Munich and the lovely folks at Holtzbrinck E-Labs!


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