Sports Day, or: Faked out by the Fake Trainer

The exercise adventure continues… emboldened by my recent success (or lack of failure) with the EA Sports program, which has me suffer through modules like volleyball, basketball and inline skating, I went for it today. To improve my truly pathetic volleyball skills, instead of putting in a rest day, I chose “Sports Day”, kind of expecting mostly that. I should’ve known better. Once again, my fake trainer lied to me! “Sports Day (Easy)” is roughly 20 minutes long and includes boxing, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball and a long and medium run. In between, however, lie a -pardon my French- shitload of squats (regular squat, jump squat, side-to-side jump from squat) and lunges (regular, back lunges with alternate knees, jump lunges, side lunges with toe touch). I’m sure in real life, these will improve your form, but I’m not really running across the court, trying to score a basket; I’m on a rug, trying very hard not to slip and break anything. Needless to say, my game has not improved significantly.

Somewhat p.o.’d about this, I set forth and created my own mini seven-minute workout. Admittedly, I stuck in boxing twice because I like it and volleyball only once, because I don’t but want to keep working at it. This extra bit of effort further did nothing to get me to bounce the damned ball onto the target, but earned me a trophy. Very nice. šŸ™‚

Thusly encouraged, I may try to fit in some time after the afternoon walk and pull out the ol’ “Sports Resort” DVD. Actually, I cannot believe I even OWN anything including the word sports in the title, but here we are…

But for now, I’ve earned a mid-morning snack, while my dog is growling in his sleep. Maybe he’s chasing my fake trainer around the fake track…


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