Triumph of the Will

I would like to say right off the bat that I strongly distance myself from any right-wing attitudes, despite the fact that I do call the autobahn by its name and don’t believe that any sentence ever uttered by some brown shirt should automatically be excluded from general usage until Germany falls apart for good. Why is that even important if politics isn’t the topic of this post? Well, you should -if you can- occasionally look into a German newspaper. One can only shake one’s head these days at the bizarre discussions that occur when people open their mouths in public. That said, I will now tell you why I’m feeling triumphant today.

Visitors who actually bother to read my blog will remember that a few days ago, my @#*! Wii depressed me by aging me substantially. Look, I KNOW I have issues walking straight on occasion, but that was uncalled for! Well, I persevered, mostly because I’d like to enjoy the grilling season without looking like the Michelin Man come Labor Day, and found to my great joy that yesterday, three things had happened:

1. The friggin’ scale finally budged.
2. I completed a 40-minute workout with only the appropriate muscular ache afterward.
3. My Wii thinks I’m 27. Twenty-seven! Hahahahahaaaaaaaa!!! Take that, you plastic idiot!! 😉

Thusly motivated, I’ve declared today cardio day. I mean, even if the little guy isn’t supposed to exercise to rest his elbow doesn’t mean I shouldn’t, right? So, pair that up with this summer sneak attack of good weather, and you’ll understand that I’m feeling rather awesome today.

Very special thanks goes to my numerous visitors from Texas, who appear to have perused the postings, although I suspect that they were merely looking for the best place to insert that spam comment I had to delete this morning. Laudable mention goes to Modesto, CA and Oakland, CA. Even if you are acting kinda gnattish… I’m emotionally bound to give you credit. 😀


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