Goodie Two-Shoes

Sometimes, you just have to do something. And sometimes, it doesn’t even take that much. So here’s the deal: a friend of mine and I have decided to make a donation of goods to a local animal shelter, the one from which she adopted her little Jack Russell from. They can use anything from old rabbit cages to dog beds to leashes to food to whatever else you can spare. Ideally, we’d like to be able to make a drop off by the time their summerfest comes around, which would be July 17th. If you or anyone you know has some goods you wouldn’t mind donating, please let me know. If you live anywhere in Germany, we might be able to arrange for pickup. This is a non-profit effort. We’re not getting anything out of this but peace of mind and the knowledge that at least we didn’t just sit by. And you get to be a hero. 🙂


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