Sweatin’ Like an Oldie

Sure, it had to come to this. In my wimpy state, I’ve managed to give myself a horrible soreness in my right thight two workouts in a row, so when I decided to take it a little easier for a couple of days, I knew in my heart of hearts this would not pay off. On rest day one, I concentrated on cardio and did a little Pilates. Yesterday, I only did a little Pilates. Today, I felt ready to tackle the next workout. It is my plan to successfully complete EA’s “easy” 40 minute workout, then move on to the 30 Day Challenge. So anyway, here’s me, hopefully hopping on the Wii for the daily bodycheck, figuring that I’ll be so splendidly aligned after all that Pilates, that my Fit Age must surely be… 50?! Eh… FIFTY!?!

Now fueled by anger, I toss out the Wii Fit disk and call up my fake EA Sports trainer. She promises me to “concentrate on the upper body”, which -as always- turns out to be a lie, because I do so many squats and lunges that I can barely stop using the F-word. On the other hand, I do feel appropriately challenged and come out of the workout having burned 50 more calories than predicted, as well as much more mellow than an hour ago. Fifty my ass!

I’ve also encountered some new and some old problems with the way EA Sports works. I notice that on the regular squats, I have to squat a lot lower than my fake trainer before I get to get back up. Unfortunately, not being much of a squatter anyway, this also means that I’m not putting weight in the heels. Instead, I’m basically squatting on my toes. I try to make up for that on the lunges.

On the alternating lunges, the remote sometimes doesn’t pick up properly when I come out of the left side lunge. And on the shoulder presses, I have the nunchuck cord dangling in my face for two sets. Not cool.

Because I’ve chosen the 30 minute workout, I have to learn some new moves, too. The warmup consists of “dance” moves which I don’t immediately get because I keep trying to follow the avatars instead of the instructional window in the middle of the screen. My tennis skills could definitely be better, but I soar in baseball. After an estimated 3000 lunges and squats, I protest when I find out that the “inline skating” is just more of the same – plus jumps. As I get shaky, the program gently scolds me. I cuss a little and hang on to the chair for balance. I do still like the boxing bit, although I cannot for the life of me figure out why some hits shatter the targets and some don’t. All feels the same to me.

Well, perhaps I’ll be able to get some more cardio in this afternoon. And then tomorrow we’ll see who’s an oldie…


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