More Pain, more Gain

Here we are on day two of the official “Blog Yourself Thin” project, and I’m so achy, I can barely sit down without assistance. I suppose the old “be careful what you wish for” applies here BIG TIME! Not that I don’t enjoy the Wii Fit Plus exercises anymore, but I started to feel like I needed more of a challenge, so I got myself the EA Sports package. I think that the WFP is lacking particularly in the strength training selection, and here, the EA Sports really delivers.

It comes with an elastic strap that goes on your thigh and houses the nunchuck attachment for a lot of the exercises. I only had problems with this twice; once during running, the whole thing just fell off. I’m also not sure if it properly registers movement during squats. I basically ended up cheating because I couldn’t go as low as the dang thing said I should. We’ll have to see if that changes as I get fitter. The EA Sports also comes with a resistance band, although it’s not a lot of resistance, really. For a while during the bent-over rows and lateral raises I felt as if I wasn’t working very hard, but today, I can definitely feel my shoulders! One problem with holding the band and the controllers during biceps curls: it wasn’t reading my right side curls too well. Placement of the controller is crucial on this one.

Oddly enough, there also doesn’t seem to be a way to exit back to the Wii menu from the program. But those are minor grievances that may turn out to be nothing at all. I opted for the 20 minute easy workout to get to know my new fake trainer who is very irritating in her little box but kept complimenting me on my form, so I’ll just live with it. “Easy” is relative, I guess I’m more out of shape than my recent successes in Wii skateboarding let me to believe, because as I said: I’m in pain!

That said, I decided to overcome the muskelkater blues by working lightly through it, so it was back to the WFP for yoga, balance and some mild cardio. I have to say, it does feel better. Still, I am annoyed because it seems that all the weight loss I accomplished earlier in the year is now turning around, and I don’t have a clue why. Starting next week, I’ll have to take a more critical look at my nutritional intake (why next week? Well, there’s a barbecue tomorrow. I’ll do my best, but you know how those things are). For this weekend, though, I’ll make my resolution that beginning tomorrow, I will add three more glasses of water every day. I know I’m not drinking enough, and that can certainly lead to problems.

Lessons learned: don’t knock the easy stuff. Drink more. Stick with it.

Let’s go.


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