Things can only get better

To stick with the musical theme and borrow a phrase from Howard Jones… I’m giving myself an unofficial blog project: chronicling my progress on the Wii. Why? Why, peer pressure, darling reader! By telling you and therefore the entire blog nation, I might feel more compelled to stick with it. After all, it’s a long and windy road (oh god, I could just KEEP GOING!).

After reaching my first goal back in February with relative ease, I’m currently a little bummed that things don’t seem to want to, well, budge. I need budging! In fact, in my oncoming desperation, I have switched from the fun but relatively harmless Wii Fit exercises to the much more ass-kicking EA Sports (and may live to regret it, hehe). I do realize that I’ll need to make some changes ’round here to achieve. First of all, I HAVE to drink more water. Secondly, I really should eat more fruit. It tends to take the edge off the chocolate cravings… Thirdly, I uncomfortably suspect that I’ll have to actually up the cardio portion of the workout. Ick! Things we do to look fabulous…

So, here’s what we’re going to do, my fake trainer and I: in two months I will lose 6.3 pounds to achieve a BMI of 23 – or something like that; I honestly don’t quite remember… this can be done!

Today’s workout is safely completed, so I’ll let Howard sum up:


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