With Love From Me to You

Well, this is the official end of the Beatles titled posting project. Wasn’t that tough to find eight titles, or to write something, although as usual, there were a couple of days when posting just didn’t happen. I’d like to say thanks to those of you who read the entries. Otherwise, this is what happened: nothing. Responses to the write-me-a-postcard campaign: zero. New comments on any of the posts: zip. Seriously, guys, I love you, but this is a snooze fest!

Not to worry that I might get bored, though… after a visit to the hairdresser of my choice, I am now once again fashionable disheveled. My home is being invaded by an army of small garden spiders, forcing me to move outside and live in the hammock. The positive side effects of that are that I’m getting a tan and finding plenty of opportunity to hone my herb growing skills. And with another session on the Wii looming on the horizon… eh… beckoning to shape my body into the envy of the neighborhood’s swimsuit models, of course!… I am now ready for more fabulousness. I really, really feel a shopping trip coming on big time!

Until next time, stay real! Oh, and listen to 4th Street Traffic! 😉


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