Till There Was You

Today was a near perfect day. The sun’s been out, drying up the marshy woodlands, the grass in the backyard has finally been cut. Anke and I went shopping for plants today and almost ended up buying the entire store. We sat on all the lawn furniture that looked out of the ordinary, we laughed a lot, had a great lunch and a wonderful espresso and a nice second walk with the pooches. Dinner was oh-so-simple but oh-so-good mac and tomatoes, one of my favorites, and for once this week I almost went to bed perfectly oblivious to the world’s troubles, except I ended up going to the beer store and listening to the news.

Three weeks ago, the wife of a German banker was kidnapped not too far from here. There was a snafu during the placement of the ransom, the money was never picked up and the kidnapper or kidnappers were never heard from again. The woman’s family went on the air to plead with those people to let them know if there was anything they could do, to let them know where their wife and mother was, but nothing happened. Until today. A man walking his dog found the body of the woman in the woods, covered with branches. She’d been stabbed. For some reason, this incident has really touched me. I really hope the police will find these horrible, cruel bastards who did this, and in cases like this, I wish Germany still had a death penalty. To imagine what this family has been through! I suppose I had secretly hoped this would play out like it usually does on tv, that the woman had had an affair with some random dumbass and decided to stage her own kidnapping to grab some money and go. This end just makes me sad. 😦

And yet… it nearly was a perfect day.


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