In My Life

Did anyone notice that I was lazy yesterday and deprived you of your daily Beatles-titled post? Considering the enormous success of my mail campaign, I’d say most likely not. Well, I do know my readers, lazy bastards one and all… I’m sure most of you think you have soooooo much better stuff going on. Prove it! I’m not kidding. Recently, I mentioned a book that’s inspired me to try some things I would’ve normally not tried. It keeps being an inspiration, and I think it’s exciting to find yourself in situations that you had to make a bit of an effort to get yourself into.

My friend Annette has pointed me to a place where all sorts of people can share their dreams and encourage each other by cheering for someone else’s goals or providing guidance how they were able to achieve theirs. It is quite interesting reading. If you’re so sure that all the stuff you have going on is making your life awesome, let’s hear it! Share your list of 43 Things and let us know so we can cheer you on. If you want to know what I’ve got planned, check out my list.


One thought on “In My Life

  1. I am happy, Stefani! Yes, to be able to play the piano well would be great :)). Outside – from the iPod. That is why I comment so little. More soon, Annette :))

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